Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For whom is the Athletic Skills Platform meant?

The Athletic Skills Platform is meant for any type of instructors within sport and movement interested in the Athletic Skills Model (ASM). Teachers, trainers, coaches, fysiotherapists and many more. If you want to get inspired by lots of instructionvideos or if you have videos to share, please feel welcome to join us!

How can I sign up?

Fantastic! You want to join the Athletic Skills Platform! You can sign up at the homepage. To sign up you'll have to enter your email adress. This email adress will be used to create an account and login. After that you'll receive a email from us with an activation-link. By clicking on the link you can set up an account for the Athletic Skills Platform.

How does the Athletic Skills Platform work?

We try to make the Athletic Skills Platform as easy as possible, but we understand you still have some questions about how it works. To help you with that we added a complete instructionpage in our menu called: 'How to use..'. At this page you can find all the information you need to join us. If you have any questions after that, please contact us by mail.

How can I reset my password?

Did you forgot you password? No worries, you can reset your password by yourself. Just click on the 'forgot password' link at the login. Enter your email and you'll receive an email from us with an reset link. By clicking on the link you can reset your password.
If you haven't forgot your password, but you want to change it, you can also change your password in your profile.

I see an unappropriate video. What can I do?

Ai, sorry! We try our best to screen the videos on our platform, but Please let us know by clicking on the suggestion link below the video. This way we directly see wich video you're talking about so we can take actions as quickly as possible.
We only accept complete true filled in forms. We safe your personal information to deal with the complaint only and we only during the complaint. Check our notice and take down procedure to see what we want to know for a complete complaint here.

I have a suggestion about a video. What can I do?

All users of the Athletic Skills Platform with an ASM-licence can upload their own instructionvideos and tag them in a way they think it's best. Maybe you think there will be even more possibilities with the video. Great! There are two options for you.

  1. Contact the owner of the video. By clicking on the name below the video you'll visit the page of the user. You can sent the owner a mail if the email is available on the profile.
  2. Click on the suggestion link below the video and give us your suggestion. This way we directly see wich video you're talking about so we can take actions as quickly as possible.

How can I sign off?

If you no longer want to use the Athletic Skills Platform you can sign off by sending us an mail. We can remove your account, but your videos will be available for all active users. Delete the videos you no longer want to be shown by yourself before you aks us to delete your account.

Where can I find more information about the Athletic Skills Model (ASM)?

Please visit our ASM-page in the main menu or visit our website: